Top revision apps of 2019

Getting through exams is tough. But like everything in life nowadays, there’s many an app to solve any revision problem. Whether you need apps for taking notes, keeping calm or keeping fit during your study leave, this is our pick of the best.


Get Revising

Exam Countdown

For students struggling to plan adequate revision time for each of their exams this app is your saving grace. Each exam and subject can be colour coded and added to a revision schedule so you know how many hours you have before each exam and can plan accordingly. The colourful screen can also be shared with others via social media so that your schedule doesn’t get messed up and you can help others with revision tips.


The legendary flashcard website now has an app, where you can create and download your flashcards and have them on the go. This is great for using just before you head to exams, as you can use your flashcards on the bus, in the car or when you’re sitting on the sofa. Because even five minutes of revision is still revision.


Study Blue

The world’s first crowdsourced study library contains over 400 million flashcards, notes and study guides. StudyBlue holds the materials from schools across the world, meaning that you can share material with students following the same courses as you. Simply enter your school or subject into the search bar to reveal what you need to get up to catch up on. You can also make and share study materials, search for recommended study content from classmates, track progress, set reminders and create custom quizzes.

My Study Life School Planner

Plan revision around your exams with this free online and offline app which allows you to organise all your revision into a clear timetable (and make sure to plan regular breaks), its design is intended to keep you motivated all through study leave, by letting you work in manageable chunks, thereby avoiding burnout.

My Study Life School Planner


Designed with the student in mind, Engross not only turns off all distractions, it allows you to add tasks that, until completed, mean you cannot use the phone. Even better, when you find your focus waning, use the ‘Hit me if you get distracted’ tool and it’ll help you get back on track.


Bear is a beautiful, flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose. The gorgeous aesthetic that greets you on download is only matched by its highly organised design. You can type everything from short reminders and scaled down exam notes to full essays, all of which can be stored in the various folders within the app. Note taking apps aren’t for everyone and often they can seem daunting and difficult to use, however Bear beat every other note taking app with its ease of use and design credentials.


Perfect for those who need a bit of timeout from screens and distractions while revising. Set how long you want your phone switched off for, and Forest will block all calls and messages for that time. If you look at the phone before your time’s up, you’ll kill the tree that’s growing for you.


Get Healthy 

Sleep Cycle

Whether it’s stress or late-night study that’s keeping you up at night, neither is going to help you achieve your grade goals. During study leave, make sure you get at least 8-10 hours sleep a night, and try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. This is where Sleep Cycle comes in, put your phone under your pillow and the app will track the quality of your sleep cycles. When it comes to getting up, it’ll wake you during your lightest sleep cycle, meaning you’ll feel less groggy and more focused as you enter the exam room.

Sleep Cycle

My Water Balance: 

Good hydration is essential for optimum brain function during exam periods. Aim for two litres a day, plus more if you do sport or live in a hot country. Set how much water you want to drink and My Water Balance will help you keep track of your water intake throughout the day and remind you if you haven’t drunk enough by a certain time. 


Exams period can be one of the most anxiety inducing times in your life. Unfortunately the more stressed you feel, the worse your brain works. If you find you’re struggling to cope with the pressure of passing, or don’t have enough time to get outside and breath, Calm is one of the top apps for calming exercises and breathing techniques to help lower stress, anxiety and aid sleep.


Offering you a daily dose of reassurance, Chill gives users a quote or saying from a famous thinker or artist. The app puts the quote on the home screen of your phone randomly and you can pick how many you want to receive. Better still, if you open the app when the reminder comes up on your phone, it will give you advice on how to tackle the issue it’s referring to. The intention is that as you get more of these reminders, you will become more aware of how you’re feeling and behaving.